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Proofreading, Copy Editing, and Paraphrasing

Editorial House specialises in the proofreading, copy editing, and paraphrasing of text, ensuring all documents
whether academic material (assignments, dissertations or theses), books and novels, articles, reports, CVs, or lettersare perfected in terms of grammar, punctuation, readability, and overall professionalism. We work closely with our clients to ensure briefs are fulfilled, and that the end results not only satisfy but also exceed expectations.

Each of our services is customised to suit every individual client. Although a number of generic checks are carried out in the case of all documents, we also incorporate additional checks according to client specification: for example, a dissertation may need to adhere to the Harvard system of referencing. In addition, although clients can expect their documents to be returned within a standardised timescale, there is also the option of an Express Service, which provides the client with the quickest possible turnaround time.

Furthermore, although our attention is focused predominantly on proofreading, copy editing and paraphrasing, we are also able to provide other services, such as typesetting. Furthermore, we also work very closely with a newly established UK-based publishing house, and we can therefore provide clients with sound advice and information on various avenues of book publication.

Proofreading Service Overview:

Proofreading is our simplest, most affordable editing solution, and provides a generalised check in a number of key areas. This service is recommended in the case of those works that do not require in-depth editing, and which are expected to contain only minor errors.

The proofreading service focuses on the following areas:

• Dialogue formatting
Grammar check
• Paragraph formatting
• Punctuation check
• Spell check
• Type face consistency check.

Copy Editing Overview:

Copy Editing is an in-depth editing solution, the main objectives of which are to rectify any and all errors and inconsistencies, and to improve the language and overall writing so as to produce a flawless document. For example, a dissertation or thesis may benefit from some rewriting with the replacement of simple language with more professional, academic vocabulary; on the other hand, a novel may be improved through the incorporation of additional descriptive text and better formatting. Importantly, however, the author's voice is always maintained, and any recommended change may be either accepted or rejected upon the client's review. This service is recommended for academic works, and those expected to be viewed by large/mainstream and/or professional audiences.

The copy editing service directs attention to the following:

• Dialogue formatting
Grammar check
• Formatting, i.e. headings, paragraphs, margins, etc.
• Page and chapter number consistency check
• Punctuation check
• Sentence and paragraph construction
• Spell check
Tables and figures consistency check
• Type face consistency check.

And, where necessary:

• Rewriting
• Fact checking.

Paraphrasing Service Overview:

Paraphrasing is a very specialised service, which is both time-consuming and complex, but which ultimately completely transforms a document.

Paraphrasing is the complete rewriting of a text, with the end result unrecognisable from the original but with the overall meaning maintained.

In the case of the Paraphrasing Plus service, following the complete paraphrasing/rewriting of a document, the text is proofread and copy edited to ensure an exceptional end result.




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