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Amongst Editorial House's team of specialised proofreaders, editors and rewriters, there are numerous experienced in not only the editing of manuscripts, but also the publication of books. In addition, we also have one published author.

Through recruiting the most specialised team, any and all manuscripts submitted to Editorial House—fiction or non-fiction, regardless of genre—receive the utmost care and attention, ensuring the final work is not only perfect in terms of grammar, punctuation and dialogue formatting, as well as a number of other arenas, but suitable for immediate publication.

In addition to providing in-depth, thorough manuscript proofreading and editing services, Editorial House, as an organisation, is also able to direct authors to a recommended publishing house which, through its relationship with Editorial House, is able to offer authors reduced rates and additional services. Our team is more than happy to discuss such options with our clients; alternatively, contact can be made directly with Notebook Publishing.



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