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Since its launch in 2012, Editorial House has received a great deal of enquiries and submissions from students pursuing academic attainment through the completion of essays, dissertations, and theses. Owing to the paramount importance of each of these documents
—and the dramatic impact each can have on the future of its writer—Editorial House has composed a team of proofreaders and editors dedicated to the defining, polishing, and perfection of academic material.

All of the components considered essential in the context of the perfect academic paper are, during the conduction of the proofreading, editing, and/or paraphrasing service, taken into account, with changes made wherever considered necessary or even desirable. With keen attention to detail—not only to the main body of the document but also to other critical areas, such as Table of Contents, references, bibliography, and appendices, etc.—Editorial House's professional and experienced team will ensure the best grade possible is achieved.

We endeavour to make a significant number of changes to the document and improve the paper as a whole, thus improving the likelihood of an exceptional grade.



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