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Style Sheet

Although the changes implemented within a document depend ultimately on the writer's own writing style, the type of work, and the audience, certain changes are nevertheless applied across the board, irrespective of the aforementioned factors. Notably, all of these changes
—relating to type face, line spacing, language, headings formatting, etc.—are incorporated within our editing house's style sheet. In the near future, Editorial House will require all clients to review and agree to the changes detailed in the style sheet; at the present time, however, this is not necessary, although we do welcome any requests to view the style sheet.

When the review and acceptance of the style sheet becomes mandatory, the current version will be available for download via the Editorial House website.

Importantly, should clients have specific style and formatting requirements, we are completely happy to adhere to these. For example, if a particular university requires their dissertations to adopt, for instance, 1.5 line spacing, paragraph indentations, and double speech marks, these can be incorporated without a problem; however, such requirements need to be communicated to the Editorial House team. Should no such requests be made, the changes generically adopted by Editorial House will then be implemented.



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