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Upon choosing Editorial House as your desired editing house, document submission will need to be made via email. Upon receipt of the document, Editorial House will perform a word count check, and then send an invoice for the required service (at a rate of 8.90 per 1,000 words for proofreading, 10.20 per 1,000 words for copy editing, or 30.00 per 1,000 words for paraphrasing). Notably, payment may be made through Google Wallet, Paypal or direct bank transfer.



Quick Purchase:

Through Editorial House's Quick Purchase method, facilitated by PayPal, clients are able to submit their documents and payment without having direct communication with any of our staff. This is particularly useful during non-office hours and at weekends, when staff may not be available to deal with queries. In order to complete submission via this approach, simply conduct a word count of the document and make payment accordingly, selecting the service required and the associated word count. Upon payment, the document can then be emailed. Ensure the payment reference is included in the body of the email, as well as any additional requirements, i.e. the use of a particular referencing system.

It is advised that payment is made for the entire word count of the file: for example, if the document is 17,000 words, payment can be made for 15,000 words and then 2,000 words. However, if, on the other hand, word count is, for example, 17,625 words, payment can be made for 17,000 words only; Editorial House will provide an invoice for any additional words.


Proofreading Solutions:

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Copy Editing Solutions:

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Paraphrasing Solutions:

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Express Service Charge:

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Documents may be sent to Editorial House via email. Should payment via PayPal not be preferable, bank details are available upon request. If Editorial House receives a document without payment, contact will be made with the client to determine the services required and to establish preference in terms of payment method, as well as any additional details the client may wish to provide, such as deadline, referencing system, etc.



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