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Express, and Evening and Weekend Service

Owing to ever-increasing demand for express, and evening and weekend proofreading, editing, and paraphrasing, Editorial House is now able to offer these services. Therefore, if there is a need to have documents worked on outside of normal office hours, or if our standard turnaround times are perhaps not able to meet a particular deadline, Editorial House is able to accommodate.

Although prices differ on a per-document and per-service basis, our team is more than happy to discuss your requirements, and provide a competitive, time-efficient service.

Evening and Weekend Service

Outside of normal working hours, i.e. Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm, Editorial House is able to offer proofreading, editing, and paraphrasing. Although the total fee for the work ultimately depends on the word count, as a general rule of thumb, an additional 25% is usually payable.

Express Service

As noted on the Editing Services page, depending on Editorial House's current schedule and availability, 1 working day is usually required for 15,000 words proofreading, 10,000 words editing, or 5,000 words paraphrasing; however, as per the Evening and Weekend Service, Editorial House does acknowledge that this turnaround time may not align perfectly with deadlines, etc., and so we are able to provide services within a much shorter timescale (upon availability) for an Express charge. Although the fee depends ultimately on the word count, generally, charges are 25.00 for up to 5,000 words proofreading/editing, and 50.00 for up to 5,000 words paraphrasing/rewriting. Larger projects or those with very tight, inflexible deadlines may incur additional charges. Notably, fees charged are at the editor's discretion, with various elements, i.e. word count, day of week, time of day, timescale and deadline, all taken into account. Please be sure to contact us to confirm Express Service charges prior to booking this service. 



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